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The debut album by RUIN. A mixture of melodic and doom metal.

The album is free to download and stream. If you like it and you would like to support us, we suggest the following pricing:

Low budget: $5
Medium budget: $7
High budget: $10

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks.


released August 14, 2016

Adam Smith: Composition, lyrics, vocals, drum programming, piano.
Zach Boser: Composition, vocals, drum programming, guitars, bass, synthesizers, piano, production, mixing, mastering.



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RUIN Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Contagion I
The weeping gray, dripping miasma
The darkness swarms all around
In seething decay, revulsion of anima
Loathesome, maligned, you drown

We breathe the scent of freedom
From the rotting corpse of will
A feast of dreams to feed the slave
Who hungers for his fill

Endlessly they come, these despoilers
Sowing blight in ravenous tides
Peals of thunder announce a new reign
The RED torrents will wash away

Give up your gain, live as a Ghost
Subverted pain is innermost
For all

We rot within, we rot without,
We rot in Sin, we rot in doubt,

The stench of our contagion
Infecting all from birth
The choking death of ageless toil
And Torment on this Earth
Track Name: Beyond Good and Evil
We starve, devour;
We know, ignore;
We thirst and slake.
We live to take.

We breed, heed the call;
We rise, all will fall.
We seed unrefrained;
We heed no reins.

We hunt, exterminate
We work, manipulate.
We make our desire;
We build our pyre.
Track Name: And She Wept
Destroy a well of souls
abundance of death
battle takes tolls
in stolen breath
the only victor
is wealth, our dismay

And She Wept

I thought you'd fly so far above
The troubles of the Earth
Grew in gardens of my love,
Reminders what is worth

(Thought you'd fly so far above)
All of nature,

(The troubles of the Earth)
sons and daughters

(Grew in gardens of my love,)
poisoned by their

(Reminders what is worth)
tyrant fathers
Track Name: The Core
Cattle bleat apathy
A prayer to the wolves
Steel maws grip flesh
A hunger for the world

Hunters and hunted
All are one in war
The malicious
The ravenous
The numberless
Metal beasts at our Core

Feed on cowardice
On slavish ambition
Feed on avarice
On selfish sedition
Track Name: The Sleeper Awakens
Frozen in time
Hoar frost and rime
Deep dreams of love

Salted the earth
Souls lost in dearth
Wringing the dove

Wounded, we cry
Smoke in the sky
So far above

Terror at night
Wonder and fright

It scorches and burns
At every turn
Vengeful mistake
Ever too late

So far above

It begs and it pleads
Never sows seeds
Tools, plows, and swords
Exchanged for words

Scorn is my witness
Decrepitude, unfitness
Shattered, my faith
Lived as a wraith
Blackened, my heart
Playing my part
Thorns in my side
Taking their tithe
Revel in sorrow
Endless tomorrows
Shatter my gates
Before it's too late
Track Name: Withering of Gaia
Old wisdom forsaken

Ashen Snowfall
The skies weep
The bloodied rivers
Flow endlessly
The barren trees
Moan their ageless laments
For the Withering
Of Gaia
Track Name: Contagion II
We wait in anguish
We pray our pain may fade
Track Name: A Distant View
Words grew unspoken
I gave you my love
Now I am broken
As below, so above